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TikTok is a free application that allows users to upload different videos on their TikTok accounts and share them with other people. Users can show their creativity by making different comedy or music videos. The application became popular in a short time. You can download TikTok for iOS and Android devices. While using the app, you might see some advertisements. Also, the application offers in-app purchases. For now, more than 50 million users downloaded the app on their Android and iOS devices.

Interface 8/10

TikTok interface has a lot in common with other similar applications. You can see the main features at the bottom of the screen. Just tap an icon to use the required feature. The text is clearly visible. You can easily use different filters and add text to your videos because the required buttons are located on the screen's right side. Unfortunately, there is no dark theme in TikTok.

Features 8/10

First of all, TikTok provides its users with an opportunity to watch multiple videos of other users. The “Home” page will provide you with a video you might be interested in. There is also a “Following” section, where you can find videos of the people you follow. You can also go to the “Search” page and search for different videos there. You can leave your likes and comment on videos.

To record a video, press the icon that is located in the middle of the icon bar. After that, you should tap the red button and hold it until you record the video. You can also add filters by pressing the icons on the right side of the screen. If you want to speed-up your media file, you should tap the “Speed” button. It should be mentioned that children under 13 years are not able to post videos.

Performance 8/10

Users can download TikTok from the Google Play Market and App Store. Developers regularly update the application, but sometimes people might experience some issues with the app. Nevertheless, in most cases, you should restart the app, and the problem will be solved. There are many positive reviews for TikTok, which means the app provides users with the promised content.

Pricing 9/10

Users can download the TikTok application for free. However, it offers in-app purchases. You can purchase different gifts and send them to other users. The app provides users with advertisements.

The Verdict

We recommend you download TikTok if you are looking for an application that will help you share your creativity with other people. Thank you for paying attention to this TikTok review.


  • Easy to upload videos
  • Free to download
  • Many face filters.


  • The app is not safe for kids.
  • Interface 5
  • Content and features 5
  • Usability 5
  • Compatibility 5

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