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Step into the vibrant and whimsical world of Gacha Cute, brought to us by the dynamic duo Joo, and Akemi Natsuky. This role-playing game mod is a refined version of the beloved Gacha Club, featuring a dazzling array of items and opportunities for character customization. The game thrusts players into an anime-inspired world where they can design their heroes by personalizing their looks and demeanour. Predominantly geared towards PC and Android users, it can be snagged for free from the developers on

Exploring the Gameplay

This interactive virtual world enables players to craft an anime-oriented universe by honing their original characters. With ten primary characters and 90 secondary ones at their disposal, players have the freedom to customize everything from hairstyle to clothing. Choose from a gamut of over 600 poses to infuse various scenes with energy and infuse them with life using hundreds of customizable pets and objects. All characters come with custom profiles that players can import and export, paving the way for collaboration and creativity.

The Studio Mode Experience

One of Gacha Cute's standout features is Studio Mode. Here, players can incorporate up to 10 characters in a single scene amidst varied backgrounds and foregrounds. The provision of a narrator boosts the storytelling aspect, and players can even save/load up to 15 different scenes. The handy face presets help you swiftly switch your character's expressions, breathing life into them.

Customization Galore

Gacha Cute puts over 100 anime-style avatars at your disposal, which players can revamp extensively – from altering colors to modifying most features. To add to it, a stunning collection of fashion-forward clothes and accessories are available for collection – all for no cost. Not just that, you won't miss out on the fun in Studio Mode as you can now customize and accompany more than 20 pets and 30 objects.

Visual Aesthetics and Content

With its user-friendly interface , clean icons, and uncomplicated menus, Gacha Cute offers an intuitive and effortless gaming experience. It's bright, vivid, and aesthetically captivating design perfectly complements the anime-style theme and amplifies the overall engagement.


All in all, Gacha Cute is a tastefully designed role-playing game offering uncapped opportunities for creativity. Its extensive customization options and intricate Studio Mode make it a must-try for those into fantasy role-playing. Admittedly it bears strong similarities with Gacha Plus in terms of character creation, but Gacha Cute takes the prize with its exclusive range of items and character modifications. However, concerning its content suitability, it may not be the best choice for younger audiences.


  • Free to play on PC and Android
  • Wide range of character customization options
  • Engaging Studio Mode
  • Ample updates.


  • Limited to English language
  • Relatively large download sizes.
  • Interface 4
  • Content and features 5
  • Usability 5
  • Compatibility 3

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