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Mario Kart Tour is a new game from the famous Mario Kart game collection. The game was released in September 2019 by Nintendo Studio. The gameplay has a lot of in common with the previous Mario Kart game, but developers improved graphical effects and added new maps. For example, you will be able to play not only on the maps from previous parts but also on the maps based on the real cities. For now, more than 50 million users downloaded Mario Kart Tour on their devices. You can download Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android platforms. The game offers a lot of in-game purchases.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

Mario Kart Tour graphical effects have been improved since the last Mario Kart games. However, you might see some blurred textures while playing. Nevertheless, there are a lot of maps with different environments and colors. For example, you can drive across the streets of a certain city. Or you can play on the map with neon roads that are located in the sky. The graphics perfectly suit the game atmosphere.

Sound effects are also great. You will hear a lot of soundtracks while driving. Moreover, there are sounds of Karts. You can also hear different sounds when you strike other players with weapons. When you pass rings or pick up boxes with weapons, you will also hear sounds. The game is full of multiple music files, so it will not be boring to play it.

Controls 4/5

Mario Kart Tour controls are basic, but it is sometimes hard to control your kart. You will have to get used to them to drive properly. The kart rides automatically. But you have to control it by swiping with your finger on the right or left side. You can also drift. To do that, touch the “Drift” button. You can also drive the car by tilting your device. Visit the “Settings” section to manage your controls.

Gameplay 5/5

There are multiple maps in Mario Kart Tour. While driving, you will have to pick-up different boxes with weapons. For example, a banana peel will stop your enemies for a few seconds. You can also launch turtle shells to hit the enemy. Each time you pick-up the box, you get the random weapon. You can buy random characters for 5 crystals. You can win crystals or purchase them for real money. Unfortunately, you cannot run Mario Kart Tour without an Internet connection.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

There are many interesting maps in the game. Besides, you can unlock various karts and characters. You can also play it with your friends. If you are a fan of Mario Kart games, you will definitely enjoy Mario Kart Tour.


We recommend you to download Mario Kart Tour. You can download the game for free. But many in-game purchases will provide you with crystals, unique characters, and karts, etc. We hope this Mario Kart Tour review was helpful


  • A lot of levels
  • Many characters
  • Fascinating graphical effects
  • Simple controls.


  • You cannot run the game without an Internet connection.
  • Gameplay 5
  • Graphics 5
  • Replay Value 5
  • Controls 4

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