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Poppy Playtime is a first-person puzzle game set in an abandoned toy factory with horror elements. The player must solve puzzles, explore the building, and use various mechanics to survive among the local vengeful creatures. These mechanics include grabbing items from afar and using a handy backpack. Many of the creatures look like cute toys and keep popping up during the playthrough, adding to the game's inherent creepiness.


You return to the toy factory as a former employee of a large multinational firm many years after all of its workers mysteriously vanished. You are guided by your instruments as you operate the cables, levers, and many other items necessary for survival in the eerie environment.

You'll run into Huggy Wuggy, whose behavior is similar to Slender's, as you explore more of Playtime's hallways and offices. Huge Nightmare Huggy Waggy has a friendly smile and stalks the protagonist around the hallways, ready to unleash a barrage of horrifying screams.


The game's graphics are basic, and its environments are colorful but full of empty space. It's played in the first person, with a view that can be rotated with the mouse. There's also a movie-like camera that zooms in on certain parts of the game.


Since there are no incentives to play it again, the game cannot be replayed. Poppy Playtime's replayability is derived from the infrequent collectibles scattered around the landscape and the limited number of alternative strategies for resolving problems.


Poppy Playtime is a challenging, logic-based puzzle video game with a variety of puzzles that are logical and make sense. There is a variety of ways to solve each puzzle. The game is designed to be difficult but not impossible. The game's spooky atmosphere is enhanced by its effective sound design.


Poppy Playtime is a fantastic horror-themed puzzle adventure game that keeps you hooked for hours. The ambiance is eerie, and the riddles are challenging but not impossible. The controls are simple to understand, and the images are effective despite their simplicity. Although there is some replayability, it is unlikely that you will want to do so because the game is so compelling.


  • The controls are highly responsive, and the gameplay is quite fluid
  • The visuals are eye-catching and vibrant
  • The game is challenging and will provide hours of entertainment


  • There are only a few levels in the game, making it somewhat brief
  • Once you've won the game, there's no use in playing it again
  • Gameplay 10
  • Graphics 10
  • Replay Value 8
  • Controls 9

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