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While Garageband is mainly focused on simulating actual instruments like guitars, drums, and piano, FL Studio Mobile concentrates on this mixing procedure.

Interface 4/5

Countless musical tools turn the program into an almost professional studio wrapped in your hand. The simple, colorful interface offers multiple purposes: recording, mixing, editing, and sequencing real songs.

The plan of FL Studio Mobile is made for everybody who enjoys music. The interface seems very bright, and also be sure: every single pixel of distance is utilized. Slide-out banks and controls of different controllers, slide-up keyboards, panels that react to multi-touch pinch to zoom, and buttons extend to complete on mixers.

To start with, the program is encouraged by the majority of the OSes. It doesn't matter where you begin. While it is a tablet computer or a telephone, move your songs involving iOS, Android, or Windows, and your job will sound and look the same everywhere.

In case you haven't ever tried making audio, FL studio cellular has an extensive media library of samples to begin with.

Even though there are countless technical tools which you could purchase individually, there are dozens and dozens of built-in also, helpfully grouped by kind.

If it comes to the combination, amounts, pans, filter effects, and automation sends can also be controlled through the primary Tracks page.

Safety 4/5
FL Studio Mobile is an entirely safe application that does not need any unusual access to private information, no GPS, no passwords, just standard permissions like Weblink accessibility along with your mic. There were not any users' whines about safety.


The program costs $13.99, plus it also has extra-paid functions like samples or tools. But if you would like to test it before purchasing, you may download a free plugin FL Studio Mobile 3 program as part of FL Studio to the desktop computer.

The Verdict

In conclusion, FL Studio Mobile is a great program to have fun producing music. Whether you are an expert DJ or need to become one, this program is worth your attention. A high number of tools mixed with many different purposes give you everything to have a fantastic time. Though we are fairly impressed with the chances of FL Studio Mobile, it is not the best program out there if you would like to record your audio from an alive' tool instead of a synthesized one. However, in reality, there is nothing wrong with the program generally.


  • Free trial version
  • The possibility of moving projects between devices
  • Samples library


  • Not free
  • No chance to personalize the sounds of tools
  • You need to buy a proper variant for each device you have
  • Interface 4
  • Content and features 4
  • Usability 4
  • Compatibility 4

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