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Among Us is a space-themed party game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. The game was released on June 15, 2018, for iOS and Android devices, and on August 18, 2020, for Microsoft Windows. In Among Us, players take on the role of crewmates aboard a space vessel, with the goal of completing tasks assigned to them to keep the ship operational.

However, one or more players among the crew are impostors, whose goal is to sabotagethe ship and kill the other players. The impostors can blend in with the other players by completing tasks, but can also use their abilities to kill players and frame others for murders. The game can be played with four to ten players.


The gameplay of Among Us is based on social deduction and deception. Players are assigned tasks to complete around the ship, such as fixing wiring or venting steam. The impostors' goal is to kill as many crewmates as possible or to complete sabotages that will hinder the crew's progress, such as turning off the ship's oxygen supply.

The game is played in rounds, with each round consisting of two phases: a preparation phase, in which the players complete their tasks, and a meeting phase, in which the players discuss who they think the impostor is and vote to eject them from the ship. If the impostor is not ejected, they can win the round by completing their sabotages or by killing all the other players.


Graphics-wise, Among Us is a colorful and cute game. The character models are simple, but the environment is well-detailed. The colors are bright and the overall aesthetic is pleasing. The game's graphics are not realistic, but they are not meant to be.


Among Us is a very replayable game. There is a lot of variety in the tasks that need to be completed, and the impostor role is always different. No two rounds are ever the same. The game is also short enough that it can be played multiple times in one sitting.


Overall, Among Us is a fun and replayable game that is suitable for all ages. It is easy to learn and quick to play, and can be enjoyed with a large or small group of people. The game does have some disadvantages, such as the impostor role being frustrating for some players, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


  • The game is easy to learn and quick to play
  • It is replayable and has a lot of variety
  • The graphics are colorful and pleasing
  • The game is suitable for all ages
  • It can be played with a large or small group of people
  • It is a fun and suspenseful game
  • It is affordable


  • The impostor role can be frustrating if you are not good at deception
  • The game can be repetitive after a while
  • The tasks can be tedious and not all players will enjoy them
  • Some players may find the game too easy or too difficult
  • The game requires an internet connection
  • Gameplay 5
  • Graphics 4
  • Replay Value 4
  • Controls 3

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