Unraveling Secrets in Baldur's Gate 3: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding He Who Was and Completing Punish the Wicked

Embarking on a journey through the mystical world of Baldur’s Gate 3, adventurers will come across an array of quests, each woven with challenges and opportunities. Among these quests, "Punish the Wicked," initiated by the enigmatic Shadar-Kai known as He Who Was, stands out for its intriguing storyline and rewards. This guide aims to navigate you through the steps to locate He Who Was and guide you through the complexities of completing the Punish the Wicked quest.

Preparing for the Journey

Preparing for the Journey

Before you tread on this path, it’s essential to have completed Act 1, ensuring your readiness in level and resource. This preparation includes venturing through the Underdark and the Mountain Pass wrapping up any lingering quests that you desire to pursue beforehand.

Locating He Who Was

Begin your quest in Act 2, where He Who Was awaits in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. You'll find this area to the East of Last Light Inn, nestled within the hills. A good landmark to guide you is a dead Shadow-Cursed raven you’ll pass along your way. For precision, He Who Was can be found at coordinates X: 126, Y: 105.

  1. Step 1: Setting forth from the Last Light Inn, venture east, keeping an eye out for the hills’ ascent.
  2. Step 2: Be attentive for a dead Shadow-Cursed raven—this serves as an indicator that you're on the correct path.
  3. Step 3: Proceed until you discover He Who Was situated near a summoning circle.

Embarking on Punish the Wicked

Upon encountering He Who Was, the dialogue will automatically initiate, revealing the quest's objective. He seeks justice for a woman’s crimes and assigns you to retrieve Madeline’s Ledger from the Waning Moon in Reithwin Town.

Embarking on Punish the Wicked

  • Step 1: Overcoming Thisobald Thorm - Before accessing the ledger, you might need to confront Thisobald Thorm in Reithwin Town. Your encounter can lead to combat or, alternatively, succeed through a series of persuasion checks to avoid confrontation.
  • Step 2: Locating Madeline’s Ledger - Madeline’s Ledger is clandestinely placed behind the bar under a loose plank at the Waning Moon. To discover this, a member of your party must succeed on a Perception Check. Characters with high wisdom, such as Shadowheart, may increase your chances of success.

Interacting with He Who Was

After securing Madeline’s Ledger, return to the Shadow-Cursed Lands to interact with He Who Was, wherein you’ll present the ledger. He will then initiate a ritual allowing communication with Madeline, where your choices will significantly impact the outcome.

Decision Points

Depending on your dialogue choices, the quest can culminate in varying conclusions:

  • Preserve Paladin Oaths: Choosing to forgive Madeline or prevent her self-harm maintains your Paladin’s Oath.
  • Becoming an Oathbreaker: Should you force Madeline to self-harm or call her a coward, Paladins have the opportunity to break their Oath, leading down the path of an Oathbreaker Paladin.
  • Consequences of Your Actions: Forgiving Madeline sets you against He Who Was in combat, whereas making her self-harm satisfactorily concludes the mission from his perspective, rewarding you with the Raven Gloves.
  • Special Interaction as Dark Urge: For characters embracing the Dark Urge path, shaming Madeline meets He Who Was’ criteria for success without the necessity for specific checks.

Depending on your dialogue choices


Successfully navigating through He Who Was’ moral and ethical labyrinth rewards you with the unique Raven Gloves, which summon a raven familiar capable of blinding enemies and ensnaring those who harm it.


"Punish the Wicked" offers a deep dive into the philosophical and moral undertones pervading Baldur’s Gate 3. Your decisions not only reflect on your character's moral compass but directly influence the tangible outcomes and rewards received. This quest encapsulates the essence of Baldur’s Gate 3: a world where choices hold significant weight, guiding the fate of both the hero and the narratives intertwined with theirs. Venturing to seek He Who Was and undertaking the Punish the Wicked quest is not just a journey across the lands but a profound exploration of justice, redemption, and the implications of our actions.