Mastering the Hunt: How to Find Adhesive in Soulmask’s Holy Ruins

Soulmask, the 2024 hit indie survival game, has been captivating players with its focus on base building and clan management. Amongst the plethora of materials players need to collect, Adhesive stands out as a late-game necessity for crafting high-tier gear. Unlike other resources available in the game, Adhesive presents a unique challenge due to its scarcity and the dangers associated with obtaining it. Here's a detailed guide on where to find Adhesive and how to safely acquire it in Soulmask.

Finding Adhesive in the Holy Ruins

One of the key ingredients required for crafting superior equipment in Soulmask is Adhesive. This synthetic material is indispensable for upgrading gear to handle the toughest challenges the game has to offer. However, Adhesive cannot be found just anywhere. It does not occur naturally, and players can't craft it through any workshop or crafting table. Adhesive is exclusively located in the Holy Ruins, a desolate and dangerous area found in the northeast corner of the map. These ancient ruins sit on the edge of the wasteland and are guarded by formidable foes, making the journey to acquire Adhesive perilous. If you wish to get your hands on this resource, you must approach the task with caution and preparation.

Preparation Gear and Mounts

Preparation: Gear and Mounts

Venturing into the Holy Ruins unprepared is a surefire way to meet an untimely end. Therefore, ensuring you are equipped with the best possible armor is crucial. High-tier armor crafted from other rare materials will offer better protection against the enemies residing in the ruins. Additionally, having upgraded weapons will help you dispatch enemies more efficiently if confrontation becomes unavoidable. Choosing the right mount can also make all the difference. Speed is of the essence in the Holy Ruins, as swift movements can help you avoid combat or escape sticky situations. Opt for fast mounts like the Jaguar or Ostrich, which provide both speed and agility, making it easier to navigate through the ruins and avoid enemies.

Stealth and Strategy: Navigating the Ruins

While being well-armed is important, sometimes it is better to utilize stealth to achieve your objectives. The Holy Ruins are teeming with high-level enemies who guard the precious Adhesive. Engaging these foes head-on is risky, and attracting too much attention can quickly lead to overwhelming situations. Here are some key strategies to employ:

  • **Sneak through the area**: Use the environment to your advantage, keeping to cover and moving quietly to avoid detection.
  • **Observe enemy patrols**: Take note of enemy movements and patterns to plan the best route through the ruins.
  • **Avoid unnecessary combat**: Pick your battles wisely. If possible, bypass enemies rather than engage them.

Stealth and Strategy Navigating the Ruins

Successfully sneaking into the ruins requires patience and keen observation. By taking the time to carefully plan your approach and movements, you stand a better chance of retrieving Adhesive without unnecessary conflict.

Securing the Loot: Chests in the Holy Ruins

Within the Holy Ruins, you'll need to search for closed chests, as these are the containers where Adhesive can be found. All chests in this area contain Adhesive, among other valuable items. Finding these chests can be tricky, but usually, they are located in guarded sections of the ruins. Once you locate a chest, ensure the surrounding area is secure before proceeding to loot it. Follow these steps to increase your odds of success:

  1. **Survey the area**: Assess the layout and identify potential threats.
  2. **Eliminate or evade enemies**: Depending on your strategy, either stealthily disable nearby foes or avoid them altogether.
  3. **Secure the chest**: Ensure it is safe to approach and open the chest to retrieve the Adhesive.
  4. **Plan your exit**: An escape route is vital. Once you have the Adhesive, leave the area promptly to avoid potential retaliation from enemies.

Post-Run Reflection Maximizing Efficiency

Repeat this process as needed to gather a sufficient quantity of Adhesive for your crafting needs. Due to the high risk involved, it may take multiple trips to collect enough for all your upgrades.

Post-Run Reflection: Maximizing Efficiency

After each venture into the Holy Ruins, take the time to reflect on the experience. Analyze what worked well and what could be improved on your next run. Was there a particular path that offered safer passage? Did certain actions attract unwanted attention? Learning and adapting from each excursion will make future runs more efficient and increase your overall survival rate. Adhesive is a crucial component for late-game success in Soulmask, and while obtaining it is no small feat, the rewards make the endeavor worthwhile. With careful preparation, strategic planning, and a bit of luck, you can secure enough Adhesive to turn the tides in your favor as you tackle the game's toughest challenges. Remember, persistence and adaptability are your greatest allies in this journey. Happy hunting!