Mastering the Art of Creation in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Welcome, fellow space adventurers! If you're venturing into the cosmic expanses of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, you're probably itching to dive into the universe's secrets, including the art of Item Creation. This is a skill that gives you the power to craft unique items, weapons, and more to aid in your quest. Here's your ultimate guide to unlocking and mastering Item Creation, ensuring you can make the most out of everything the galaxy has to offer.

Step 1: Embarking on Your Journey

Embarking on Your Journey

Your adventure with Item Creation begins in the bustling Seaport of Rythal, located within the narrative tapestry of Chapter One. Progress through the story, and you'll find yourself on a quest that will lead you straight to a familiar face, Welch. This recurring quirky character is your gateway to the world of crafting.

Step 2: Meet Welch and Complete her First Challenge

Having arrived in Rythal, the narrative will guide you to a quest that involves returning a lost ring to Welch's welcoming abode in the town of Delryk. You can't miss it; look for her abode adorned with a signature giant pointed-finger wand. Once you return the ring, you'll unlock your first side quest from Welch, titled "Welch the Compounder," which grants you access to the first crucial compounding grid for Item Creation.

Step 3: Gathering Roly-Poly Beans

Welch will challenge you to collect three Roly-Poly Beans. Don't worry; you won't have to scour the galaxy for them; these can be easily acquired from local shops or picked up as loot from your defeated foes. Just keep an eye out for the green icons that hint at their locations.

Step 4: Mastering the Craft

Mastering the Craft

As you begin Chapter Two and welcome Elena into your party, another quest from Welch awaits. "Welch the Crafter" requires five Fresh Sage, which might already be in your inventory. If not, simply visit shops or hunt for the sage in the field. Succeeding in this mission unlocks the Crafting grid.

Step 5: Smithing Grid and Beyond

Continuing your progress, you'll need to complete the quest called "Welch the Smithy." Here's where your smithing skills come into play. After finding a cure for Helgar's disease, which unfolds naturally in the story, fetch ten pieces of Silver for Welch. These items can be acquired through shopping or exploring. Complete this task, and the Smithing grid will be yours.

Step 6: Engineering Expertise

As Chapter Two comes to a close, Welch will need your expertise again. The "Welch the Engineer" quest asks for two Claidheamh Soluis. Fortunately, these swords are purchasable in Delryk, so your wallet just needs to be prepared to part with 1800 Fol for each.

Step 7: Alchemy Awaits

Once Chapter Three unfolds, "Welch the Alchemist" will challenge you to present five (s) Electromagnetic Bombs. These tech wonders can be crafted through the Engineering tab or purchased after completing the Lodestone sidequest. Rise to this challenge to unlock the Alchemy grid.

Alchemy Awaits

Step 8: The Skill of Authoring

Nearing the end of Chapter Three, you'll encounter "Welch the Author." Welch needs ten Mithril from you. Don't fret; commerce is your friend here once more. Acendros' materials shop can furnish you with what you need, for a fee, of course. This quest unlocks the Authoring grid.

Step 9: Synthesis, the Final Frontier

Your final challenge to unleash all Item Creation skills is "Welch The Synthesizer." After the events in the Baldaar Citadel, set forth to procure five Fire Incantations. These are available for purchase in multiple stores, including those in Cotto and Acendros.

There you have it, a complete walkthrough of how to unlock each skill in the Item Creation menu in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Remember, investing SP strategically in your reserve party members' IC Skills can make your item creation endeavors even more fruitful. Soon, you'll be crafting items that are the envy of the Star Ocean universe. Best of luck, and may the stars guide your crafting hand!