Embark on the Quest for the Coveted Black Crystal in Dragon's Dogma 2

In the sprawling fantasy world of Dragon's Dogma 2, obtaining rare materials is a thrilling endeavor for many an Arisen. Among these sought-after items is the Black Crystal, a valuable resource essential for enhancing your weapons and armor to their utmost potential. This guide will illuminate your path to acquiring Black Crystals, whether through deft exploration or savvy trade with merchants. Prepare for an adventure through treacherous caves and mythical battlegrounds as we unveil the secrets to securing this precious material.

Step 1: Locate the Ultramarine Waterfall Cave

The first part of your journey involves pinpointing the hidden Waterfall Cave near the Ultramarine Waterfall. Make your way to Melve, and from the Borderwatch Outpost, venture northeast. As you approach the Ultramarine Waterfall, you'll find the entrance to this enigmatic cavern. Within the cave's three intricate levels, you will encounter various challenges, including formidable adversaries such as the Saurian. It's crucial to proceed with caution and ensure you and your pawns are adequately prepared for battle.

Locate the Ultramarine Waterfall Cave

Confront the Gorechimera Boss

On the first floor of the Waterfall Cave lies a formidable Gorechimera, a beast best approached with strategy. With five health bars, engaging this creature directly, particularly at a lower level, can prove to be daunting. Ponder whether this confrontation aligns with your current capabilities, as this opponent is not essential to your quest for Black Crystal.

Step 2: Challenge the Wight and Claim Your Prize

Emerge victorious on the second floor of Waterfall Cave, where a chest awaits discovery. Upon interaction, prepare for the arrival of the Wight, an undead sorcerer whose aerial prowess presents a unique challenge. Mages and Archers will find their skills particularly advantageous in this battle, as taking down a flying adversary requires precise shooting or casting. Watch out for the Wight's deadly Cyclone attack; it's imperative to keep a safe distance when they unleash this maelstrom.

Reap the Rewards

Challenge the Wight and Claim Your Prize

After the Wight's defeat, the rewards are yours to claim. Amidst the loot is your sought-after Black Crystal. Additionally, don the newly acquired body armor, a boon for those who specialize in Mage vocations, and celebrate this achievement before descending deeper into the cave's mysteries.

Step 3: Engage with Merchants at the Ancient Battleground

Your next destination is the Checkpoint Rest Town, accessible via an Oxcart from Vernworth's Western Oxcart Station. Upon arrival, resist the temptation to pass through the checkpoint immediately. Instead, head northeast to reach a historical site of clashes, the Ancient Battleground, where a Drake and Cyclops engage in fierce combat. Here, practice prudence and avoid direct confrontation with the Drake if you suspect your level and equipment may not be sufficient to handle its might.

Rescue and Escort Oskar

Engage with Merchants at the Ancient Battleground

Amidst the chaos, you'll find Oskar, an NPC in dire need of assistance as he fends off monsters. Lend your strength and accompany Oskar to the Cenopath, fending off skeletal attackers that emerge in droves. Upon ringing the bell at the destination, the "Tolled to Rest" quest concludes, rewarding your efforts with experience, gold, and the key to new opportunities at the Ancient Battleground. This quest not only strengthens your Arisen but unlocks a vault ripe with treasures.

Step 4: Purchase Black Crystal from Folkes, the Merchant

With the Ancient Battleground Key in hand, venture forth and keep an eye out for Folkes, a merchant whose inventory includes the prized Black Crystals. Situated near the Armored Cyclops, Folkes offers these crystals for a reasonable sum of gold. If the merchant is not immediately in sight, patience is your ally – Folkes is known to roam but will return to his post in due time.

Through this journey, Arisen is tasked with not only demonstrating their might but also employing strategy, resourcefulness, and negotiation skills. By following this guide steadfastly, you will have not only acquired Black Crystals but also found powerful new gear and allies, solidifying your reputation in Dragon's Dogma 2's vast and perilous world. Embrace the adventure, for it is in these challenges that legends are born.