The Public Doesn't Like iPhone 14 Plus? Apple Has Stopped Production Of Its Largest Smartphone

The iPhone 14 Plus is Apple's budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro. But it appears that this option hasn't proven to be a hit with customers, as Apple has reportedly paused production of the iPhone 14 Plus despite that handset having been on sale for less than two weeks.

So why aren’t people raving about the iPhone 14 Plus? Most likely it’s because the iPhone 14 Plus is essentially just a more expensive version of the base model, albeit with a larger screen and slightly longer battery life.

If people are looking to splash out on a new plus-sized phone, then Apple has a more compelling option in the iPhone 14 Pro – a handset that feels like a next-gen device and offers way more bang for your buck.

We suspect Apple’s release strategy hasn’t helped the iPhone 14 Plus either. The iPhone 14 Plus launched on October 7, nearly a whole month after the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Max, which all launched on September 16.

What if you want an iPhone 14 Plus? For one thing, production has reportedly only been paused, rather than completely halted. Once Apple has rejigged its sales expectations, production of the iPhone 14 Plus will likely resume (though possibly at a slower rate than before). Additionally, the iPhone 14 Plus isn’t currently sold out at any major retailer as far as we can tell.

If Apple chooses to halt production of the iPhone 14 Plus for good then of course the situation will change. But for now, there appears to be sufficient stock of the iPhone 14 Plus that most people who want one shouldn't have any trouble getting their hands on one.