Secrets of the Flamberge Greatsword in Elden Ring - Find It at Redmane Castle!

In the vast, treacherous world of Elden Ring, the hunt for powerful weapons is a journey filled with peril and reward. One of the prized weapons adventurers seek is the Flamberge Greatsword. This guide will take you through the steps needed to locate this formidable greatsword inside the daunting Redmane Castle.

Our journey begins with an understanding of why the Flamberge is so coveted. Not only does it possess a unique wavy blade design, contributing to its distinct aesthetic, but it also inflicts significant damage over time thanks to its inherent Bleed status effect. For players who wish to boost their offensive capabilities, this weapon is certainly one worth acquiring.

The first step in acquiring the Flamberge Greatsword is reaching Redmane Castle. Located in the eastern region of Caelid, this fortress is home to some of the game's fiercest foes. Adventurers need to be prepared for intense battles, as the castle is heavily guarded. A strategic approach, equipped with the best weapons and armor available, is highly recommended.


Upon entering Redmane Castle, you'll find yourself in an atmosphere filled with dread and hostility. The enemies here are relentless, so ensure that you proceed with caution. As you navigate through the corridors, you'll encounter various Red Pumpkin Head enemies and other formidable adversaries. The labyrinthine design of the castle can also make it challenging to keep track of your route.

As you move deeper into the castle, your primary objective is to locate the main courtyard. To get there, follow the central route while fending off enemies. Keep an eye out for hidden alcoves and treasure chests, as they often contain invaluable items that could aid you in your quest.

Once you reach the central courtyard, brace yourself for a significant encounter—a mini-boss that guards the path to your prize. This foe is tough and requires all your skill and preparation to defeat. Utilize your surroundings to your advantage, leveraging strategies such as bait and attack, and don’t hesitate to use ranged attacks if needed.

After successfully vanquishing the mini-boss, proceed to explore the courtyard thoroughly. Your next target is a set of double doors leading to an inner chamber. Ensure you have healing items ready, as the foe you just defeated is not the last challenge you'll face.

Navigate through these doors, and you'll reach a dimly lit room. This room holds the treasure chest that contains the Flamberge Greatsword. Approach the chest and open it to claim your prize: a weapon that will significantly enhance your combat prowess in Elden Ring.

With the Flamberge Greatsword now part of your arsenal, it's important to understand how to maximize its potential. Due to its Bleed effect, the Flamberge is extremely effective against enemies susceptible to blood loss. Pair it with other items that boost Bleed damage or grant additional effects to optimize its performance.

Additionally, due to its heavy nature, wielding the Flamberge effectively requires sufficient strength and dexterity. Make sure your character meets the necessary requirements to avoid penalties that could otherwise diminish its power.

In conclusion, while the journey to acquiring the Flamberge Greatsword in Elden Ring is fraught with danger and demanding encounters, the reward is well worth the effort. This mighty greatsword serves not just as an extremely powerful weapon, but also as a game-changer in battles due to its devastating Bleed effect. Armed with this guide, adventurers can confidently tackle Redmane Castle and emerge triumphant with one of the game's most distinguished weapons.

Remember, patience, strategy, and readiness are key in Elden Ring. With these virtues and the Flamberge in hand, the path to becoming a legendary warrior lies within your grasp. Good luck!