MW3 fans rejoice after Sledgehammer confirms long overdue change to improve Shipment

Players of the hit shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) express their delight after developer Sledgehammer Games addressed a persistent issue affecting weapon animations. The update, much anticipated by the game's avid fan base, has eliminated the automatic replay of weapon check animations upon respawning in playlists with smaller maps. This minor yet consequential fix has dramatically improved the gameplay experience in confined spaces like the map Shipment, where players previously found themselves vulnerable as they went through lengthy animations before being able to react to the fast-paced action.

The MW3 subreddit is buzzing with celebration, as evidenced by a flood of positive responses to the news. The most upvoted comment succinctly captures the community's sentiment with a resounding "FINALLY!" Players are articulating their relief, sharing stories of frequent frustrations on maps like Shipment, where the animation would significantly impede their responsiveness upon respawning. There is a strong sense of appreciation for Sledgehammer Games, with some fans asserting that such attention to detail makes the developer stand out positively when compared with others, such as Infinity Ward.

The update has sparked discussions among players about the potential for extending this change across the entire game or introducing an option to toggle "theatrical animations" on and off. Since the weapon check animation has been recognized as problematic enough to be removed from small maps, why not abolish it entirely due to its lack of gameplay value and tendency to disrupt the gaming experience?

Even with the consensus, a few voices within the community suggest that the animation adds a personality to the game, an element they consider valuable in a franchise like Call of Duty. However, the adjustment is a significant improvement for dedicated fans, especially those who frequent the Shipment 24/7 playlist.

Looking ahead, there is anticipation for what other changes might come with future updates, including the expected Season 1 Reloaded. The MW3 community is hopeful that Sledgehammer Games will continue to listen to gamer feedback and refine their gaming experience further.