Best Video Editing Software for Free

If you are an avid video editor, your toolbox's most crucial tool should be a sound editing program. Even though the largest names in filmography use high-quality applications, it comes at a reasonably large price - all which regular folks can't afford. However, there are numerous alternatives out there at no cost (or at a minimum price ), which could find the work done. Following is a peek at a number of them.

1. Lightworks

In reality, the expert version of the software was utilized to make blockbuster hits like The King's Speech.

2. Shotcut

Shotcut can be among the greatest free movie editing programs available. However, its complicated features and performance take some getting used to. It provides strong performance and provides users a much more immersive editing experience. By way of instance, you do not just need to pick the movie file, but you must opt for the editing style and the tools required to full the task.

3. Hitfilm Express

So far as professional editing applications move, Hitfilm Express is up there among the very best. It provides and provides a magic encounter with minimal work.

4. VSDC Editor

It's a software ideal for anybody, both professional in addition to novice users. The program delivers exceptional benefits concerning quality, features, and endurance. As it's a non-linear instrument, the VSDC editor enables users to edit and position clips directly on the deadline.

5. Avidemux

Compared with the other applications mentioned here, Avidemux is much more of a fundamental editing tool, which falls slightly under the professional-quality ones and comparatively higher than your Windows Movie Maker. It does not have the frills and fancies of creating a Hollywood blockbuster, but it will work nicely in cutting, switching, adding layers and filters.

6. VirtualDub

There are not too many free movie editing applications out there that can boast a record of VirtualDub features. This instrument is a celebrity, and it does so using a mindset. It includes batch processing capabilities that make it simple to take care of huge amounts of files. VirtualDub even includes numerous characteristics that make it well suited for professional-type movie editing.

7. Windows Movie Maker

As stated before, the Windows Movie Maker is among the most elementary video editing programs out there. However, it will include some useful tools like video effects, transitions, titles and attributes, sound, and much more. It will not offer you exceptional outcomes, but it is more than capable of handling your regular videos and faculty jobs.

8. Wax

Locating a free video editing program that is not too heavy on your own PC yet provides you the liberty to make beautiful movies is rather hard. This is where Wax measures in. Both professionals, in addition to beginners, may use it. Although its functions are restricted, it is possible to cut easily, transition, add layers, add sound, and much more with no worry.

9. Blender

It houses a vast selection of free to utilize features such as animation tools, modeling tools, and many more. It's an excellent way to kickstart your 3D video editing since it's fairly simple to comprehend and utilize.

10. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 14 is a badly professional video editor that boasts of unmatched performance and attributes.

11. VideoPad Video Editor

While most fundamental editors do not allow users to perform overcutting and layering, the VideoPad Video Editor ensures your basic editing abilities prove to seem spectacular. It's even easy to split the videos on social websites straight from the editor.

12. Machete Video Editor Lite

The following editor on the fundamental conclusion is that the Machete Video Editor Lite program. It will let you cut, copy, and paste fast and easily so that you can have your final result in moments. The application includes a user-friendly interface, which makes it among the simplest to use.

13. WeVideo

It's a cloud established video editor that's accessed via a browser as opposed to another program. It will include a few innovative features, such as 4K video sharing.

14. iMovie

It's simple to use and produces sharp, clean, and vibrant results. It functions easily on older Mac's too, and does not call for a high-end hardware specification.

15. OpenShot

Together with the OpenShot video editing applications publicly available on most PC systems, you may rest assured all of your editing needs will be fulfilled - and the way. It's simple to use and provides premium outcomes for both professionals and beginners alike.


Supplying both fundamental and advanced features makes this program the best of their very best and helps users achieve the desired effects without cracking open their own banks. Thus, if you seek to create the upcoming big Hollywood hit, and you are on a small budget, give these editors a try - you will be amazed by their capacities.